Garlic Confit

Keep this on hand to upgrade your next salad, pasta, potato, steak, pizza, and so on and so forth. It’ll keep for weeks in your fridge, and it’s the perfect way to utilize the pile of garlic on your counter thats quickly trying to become a member of your succulant collection in the window.

Peel and trim the root end off of as much garlic as youd like and place into an appropriately sized pot. Pour just enough oil so that it comes to the top of the garlic. You can really use any oil that you’d like, so long as you keep an eye on the temperature relative to the oil you use. Olive oil will be nice if thats the flavor you’re after, but grapeseed will produce garlic and oil that will taste strictly of the garlic that you’re using.

Room temp oil and garlic

Heat this over medium heat until you start to see bubbles, then reduce to as low as you can while still mainting some bubble action.

That’s too much action
That’s an appropriate amount of action

Let this bubble gently for about an hour, or until your garlic is very soft and very lightly browned.

Let the garlic cool in the oil then transfer all to an air-tight glass jar and store in your fridge. Use garlic and oil as needed.

*You can cook this longer and/or at a higher temp and you will get significantly more browning, which can be delicous, but you will also run the risk of changing from completely soft and smooth garlic cloves, to ones that have a chewy “skin”.

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