Since as far back as I can remember, I have been drawn to and enthralled by food. Preparing, cooking, eating, sharing, really any and everything to do with it has pulled me in and captured my attention.

While it’s easy for me to see this now, it wasn’t until after I had graduated from business school, that I realized that I had just been going through the motions, and all of this time, my passion had been staring me right in the face just waiting for me to notice it. From my first job at an ice cream shop, to a deli and on to a small Hungarian restaurant, I had started my training for the culinary world with no intentions or aspirations of ever going down that road. Finally, after putting myself deep into debt, I decided to jump right into the grueling and satisfying life of a professional cook.

I went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Followed by my most formidable years in the kitchens of Spice Market, and Betony in New York City. After several years, I decided to move back to my home town of Denver, Colorado where I continued to expand my knowledge in all walks of the world of professional kitchens.

Today, I hope that anyone who reaches this blog will be able to take advantage of all that I have learned through the long hours and low wages of the professional kitchen. At the end of the day I hope that you will cook more, for yourself, for the people you love, for the people you hate. It will always taste better, unless of course, it’s bad.